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Natural Lava Rock Balls used by Hawai`ians for strength and balance exercises


Visit the Palace

Entry Hall  |  Kuhio Room  |  Kuakini Room  |  The Lanai  |  Second Floor Sitting Room
Princess Ruth's Room  |  Kawananakoa Room  |  The Grounds
Mokuaikaua Church  |  Ahu`ena Heiau

Kuakini Room
The Kuakini Room contains artifacts from before Western contact through the Monarchy period. And honors the original owner of Hulihe`e Palace, John Adams Kuakini.

A Kuakini Room favorite of our young visitors is not an artifact but a reproduction "Hawai`ian sled" - the Papa Holua. Learn about this eXtreme sport.

The Kuakini Room is where you will find tiny fish hooks, impressive octopus lures, delicate feather leis and a young prince's report card. And many more treasures - large and small.